Understanding the loan insurance market

Understand the need for credit insurance

Understand the need for credit insurance

When applying for a home loan, banks require the borrower to take out loan insurance to ensure that it receives the refunds in the event of the borrower’s death, disability or incapacity. The purpose of the borrower insurance is to protect the borrower and his family by paying the loan repayments in the cases covered by the contract.

The virtual obligation to insure his loan

The virtual obligation to insure his loan

Previously, banks imposed their own insurance, called “group insurance” , and took advantage of their exclusivity to set their conditions and rates. Since the implementation of the Lagarde law in September 2010, borrowers are free to choose an external insurance contract from the lending institution without the lender being able to oppose it. However, it is requested that the insurance contract guarantees be at least equivalent to the guarantees of the group contract of the bank. Thanks to online loan insurance comparators , it is possible for borrowers to compare and choose at the best price offers tailored to their needs.

Free online quote and simulation

Free and without obligation, the credit insurance comparator is an essential tool to find the insurance offer that will make you realize significant savings on the total cost of your mortgage

Paying your mortgage insurance cheaper

Paying your mortgage insurance cheaper

Thanks to the Lagarde law, it is possible for borrowers to take out insurance to guarantee their credit with an organization external to the lending institution. Yet very advantageous for borrowers, this device still remains little known to the French. Previously, the banks required the borrower to contract the insurance they offered to secure the loan. Any refusal to join this insurance entailed the immediate refusal of the loan. Although it is still required by banks to take out insurance when buying a home loan, the borrower can now decide which insurance company he will use to guarantee his loan. This significant opportunity allows borrowers to choose freely the cheapest insurance offer that best suits their needs.

Information for borrowers for their choice of insurance

Information for borrowers for their choice of insurance

As a result, it is now accessible to all to be able to save money on the total cost of the credit subscribed compared to the group contract of the bank which is a mutual insurance rather expensive and not adapted to the profile of each

Get a low fixed rate P2P payday loan.

Check your rates online without affecting your credit rating. The P2P portfolio has become an integral part of my passive income. estateguru now has a total of 260 loan projects (compared to 91 in September 2017) with 159 different borrowers. You’ll also have to deal with your P2P investment because your income from P2P loan investments is taxable as so-called “capital gains”.

P2P loan – my balance after one year

P2P loan - my balance after one year

I invested 200 USD in P2P loans about a year ago. and 100 USD with us on the Shantirs platform and 100 USD with us in Germany. In total, around 27.5 percentage points of my invested assets are affected. Fortunately, the bad debts and uncollectible amounts are at 0 USD. Since I use the auto-invest feature at Shantir, all returns are reinvested.

If I have 10 USD credit and there are credits that match my auto-invest settings, the 10 USD (which is the minimum amount for an investment in Shantirs) is invested in a loan. At the moment my means are at 19.90. So there is no credit that is important to me that Auto-Invest can get for me.

So Shantir is doing pretty well.

So Shantir is doing pretty well.

My profitability at the beginning of the financial year, he put it at 23.52 percent. It is currently 22.24 percentage points. My account has a value of 474 USD. About a year ago, I took 100 USD. Was it really 474 USD?

Investigations did not reveal anything, so I called the nice woman. Your note: All open repayments and interest payments are also included in the account value. But where does the strong growth compared to the beginning of the year, when my account balance was around 120 USD?

Recently, the company has also opened its doors to Spaniards *, which may be required by law to overstate interest rates. Since the automatic asset manager added some of these loans to my portfolio, the value of my account has skyrocketed. The picture shows the payday loans (= high risk) from all over Europe with interest rates of almost 250 percent!

A lot of loans will be enough for a few more years. Looking at my investments, there is a backlog of USD 6.03 and a default interest of USD 22.08. I do not really expect 22.08 USD. I suspect that if people do not pay the normal interest payments, they will not pay any default interest at all.

This is about 25 percent. The woman, on the other hand, has been classified as “HR”, ie high risk, and pays her credit in good faith. Does the rating of borrowers * not work at all? The average return for the company would be around 15%, she says. The income statement is always conditional on the borrower * actually repaying the loan.

Some loans will default, others will be reimbursed at higher interest rates. The Spanish loan with 250% interest makes me a little nervous. Do I want to get 250% stake in people?

Compare insurance loans to select the best offer

Insurance companies ready

Insurance companies ready

With the Congilaw company, your loan insurance can be chosen from the insurer of your choice!

Simulation, Quote and Comparison of Credit Insurance

Simulation, Quote and Comparison of Credit Insurance

Compare Pret Insurance

To give you a home loan, the bank will ask you to take out loan insurance. This insurance covers your monthly payments in case of difficulties (accident, illness, dismissal, death …). You do not have to accept the home insurance policy of your bank! It is therefore in your interest to compare Pret Insurance .

The price of insurance

The price of a loan insurance varies according to the amount borrowed, the guarantees subscribed and your age. If you are a young borrower, you have everything to gain from comparing offers because a delegation of insurance (insurance taken out of the bank) can allow you to benefit from a much cheaper rate. For a quick and effective search, use a Pret Insurance comparator online!

Sort the insurance

In order to compare insurance offers with each other, it is important that you take a close interest in the content of the proposed contracts. To make the best choice, it is indeed necessary to check certain key elements such as the guarantees and their limits, the exclusions, the grace period, the terms of compensation. If all this seems too complex or time consuming, it is recommended that you hire a broker specialized in Pret Insurance ! It will quickly offer you the best deals, explain their content in detail and advise you on the choice that may be the best for you.

The guarantees of the Assurances Pret

The guarantees of the Assurances Pret

The death insurance guarantee

This is the basic guarantee of the Pret Insurance. It is therefore systematically demanded by the lenders. In the event of the death of the borrower, the insurer reimburses the bank the remaining capital due according to the insured portion.

The disability insurance guarantee (PTIA)

The guarantee of disability insurance or Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA) is a supplement to the death guarantee. In case of absolute and definitive invalidity of the insured, the insurer also reimburses the capital remaining due to the bank.

The incapacity guarantee (ITT / IPT)

The guarantee of Total Temporary Incapacity or Total Permanent Disability (ITT / IPT) allows the repayment of monthly loan payments in case of work stoppage of the insured following an illness or an accident.

The guarantee insurance loss of employment insurance

This is an optional warranty. As indicated, it protects the insured in the event of loss of employment. To subscribe to it, it is imperative to work under an indefinite duration contract and to be able to benefit from unemployment benefits.

Renegotiate Pret Insurance

Renegotiate Pret Insurance

Borrowers have the opportunity to renegotiate or terminate their insurance during the course of the loan.

If you are currently paying off a home loan and the loan insurance you receive is too expensive or does not protect you as much as you can, you can decide to renegotiate it by terminating it and replace it with the insurance policy of your choice.

Terminate a group insurance contract

Terminate a group insurance contract

To terminate the group insurance contract signed with your bank, you must first obtain its agreement. To accept, you must replace it with an insurance whose level of guarantees is at least equivalent to that of the current insurance contract. You will need to communicate the insurance delegation contract that you want to set up and then cancel your group insurance according to the terms of termination of the contract.

Terminate an individual insurance contract

Terminate an individual insurance contract

It is usually easier to terminate an individual contract than a group contract. However, certain conditions must be respected. The main one is to send the insurer a registered letter with AR at least two months before the end of the contract. To do the best, first get your banker’s agreement (after providing the new insurance). Following his agreement, terminate your old insurance with your insurer on the date agreed with it.

Renegotiating your loan insurance can save you a lot of money. If you have questions about your Pret Insurance inquiries and research, contact a broker!

Internet Loans

Internet Loans Marking Pickup Any Type Of Credit Online – Once you find the online loan company you want to take an internet loan from, you choose the right model, apply for a loan, and fill out the required information, usually just minutes away from realizing your desired loan.

Fastest and most wanted internet loans

Fastest and most wanted internet loans

What gives internet loans the advantage and popularity enjoyed by no other way of lending, is certainly the ability to borrow from your own home very quickly, which is why these loans are also called fast loans.

However, while it may sound good to some, some customers are scared of this service because they do not fully believe in the security of the loan realization or secrecy of information over the internet, especially since they give their personal information and the current account number to which the cash will be paid after the loan is made. approved.

Internet loan vs bank loan


A bank loan application often has a wide range of requirements that you must meet, as well as collecting a lot more documentation that is required to get a loan – documents such as monthly income statements, employer signatures, notary certificates, etc. – in short you only need a sea of ​​paper as proof or guarantee for the loan you are seeking.

However, if you decide to take out a loan online, no matter what the loan is, you can avoid collecting unnecessary documentation from the comfort of your home, saving you time and money. Most lending companies that offer online lending (ie, internet loans) require only basic documentation and minimum requirements that you, as a client, must meet. Internet credit can even be raised as a quick loan to the rest of the income without the hassle.

Internet loan security

And even though over the last few years, we have all or less understood what hacking and theft are, and at least heard of such cases if we did not experience them personally, the internet is still reasonably considered a safe place; especially when the site you are operating under emphasizes (and guarantees the security and protection of customer data); which would mean that they even bear the cost of possible harm if you are harmed by a third party through their website.

Internet loans – an offer designed for younger clients


Although several credit and card companies have been offering this method of raising credit for a number of years (internet credit can be cash, non-purpose, residential, consumer, retirement, etc.) and with this offer it covers almost every possible client’s needs, some internet loans are still a complete enigma; mostly older, less IT literate generations who are probably unacceptable about how a mouse click is done to make a money transaction… But the internet loan offer is designed and targeted to younger people who are familiar with the internet world; so apart from serving them in private life (social networks, google search engine, etc.) or at work, they also pay bills online, buy various goods from our or worldwide stores, and manage their finances online. With internet loans, even after the approval of the selected model, everything is done electronically.

Dake, the moment you receive confirmation that your loan has been approved, the contracted amount of money is paid directly into your checking account (from any bank), and the credit company offers complete security during that money transfer to the account.

Payment of Bills, Maturities, Debts and Payments

If you don’t pay your bills …
If you do nothing at all with your situation, it will only get worse and worse.

Here you can find out what can happen, step by step.

Debt is growing fast. A debt at an annual interest rate of 20 per cent, for example, is twice as large in just four years.

The first thing that happens when you owe some money

The first thing that happens when you owe some money

That the creditor will send an invoice (bill). It says how much to pay and when (due). There is no rule that says you can wait 30 days to pay. Are there any provisions in the agreement with regard to these? The new agreement will be terminated when the case is raised. Often the rules are written in small print on the back of the contract.

If you have not received payment, you should pay when the seller demands it. When transferring money to a post office or bank account, it is safest to pay within three business days before the last payment date. Always check that the requirement is met. Do not accept without further costs associated with. Ask to see proof that the claim is based on. Save all receipts!

If you do not pay the bills on time, you will usually receive a reminder

If you do not pay the bills on time, you will usually receive a reminder

The creditor is entitled to claim a cleaning fee if there is an agreement on this. If you cannot find an offer for cleaning fees, the easiest way to ask the sender of the claim was in the agreement it states the right to charge a fee.

The creditor is not required to send a reminder, except in the case of a variant of parking fines called control duty. Therefore, you must stay out when the bills are to be paid.

If you can’t pay the creditor yourself

If you can

Send collection requirements to yourself, or hire an agent, often a debt collection company, for you to pay. Of the collection requirement should be clear the debt, interest and compensation for collection costs. If you cannot pay, immediately hear from you to the person who sent the collection claim. There may be some opportunities to make up a new repayment plan, usually for a fee.

You should only object if you believe that the creditor has no right to claim you for money or he calls you for the wrong amount. The resistance should not be whether you can afford to pay or not.

Quick sms loans online Croatia

Planning what to buy and what we can do without “good money management” has become almost impossible for many recently – there is too much of what we need to feel like to lead a “normal” life, and on the other hand, there is too much to give up. we survive the month without borrowing.

But today, borrowing (the terrible word that has plagued some of us) is becoming an integral part of life, and as long as the benefits are so insecure and small and the cost of living is high, so will it remain. That is why, when banks are not already, credit houses have adapted to the needs of the average person and have devised how to meet him with the fastest possible loans and borrowings, lower interest rates and individual, adapted loans.

Numerous credit house services


The innovative services of credit companies are growing day by day and their offer is expanding, so recently we can also find offers for quick sms loans online Croatia.

The name of the service ” SMS SMS Loans Online Croatia ” is really all that it says – you can apply for a loan via sms, and the money, after checking, will be in the current account we specify, regardless of whose account it is, to which bank it belongs. This type of instant sms loan service on line Croatia only exists for a short time, and it arrived in Croatia somewhere when and in the rest of Europe…

What are fast sms loans online at all in Croatia


When we talk about SMS credits, we are talking about a fast non-purpose service with which it is finally possible to close our running costs from which we are getting harder and which are accumulating at an unprecedented speed. These, small and short-term loans, allow customers who choose them to pay off very quickly to eliminate the reason why they contacted us. Advertisements for loans and loans of this type can be found on the Internet and elsewhere.

No matter what the money you need and whether you decide to take a quick sms loan to help you close your old debts, to finally repair a car that stands in the garage, or pay the last installment of school; you have every opportunity to solve each of these problems in a short time, within just 24 hours and start stress-free the next day…

Blacklist and quick sms loans online Croatia

Have you been blacklisted by banks? Or do you already have credit for how much income you get? Quick sms loans at credit companies have nothing to do with HROK, the blacklist, or any credit registry; this is a unique opportunity for you to think for yourself how you will repay the loan in the agreed time, without the bank telling you that you cannot because you are in default or creditworthy.

You do not have to go to the bank for this credit card company service or receive a notary’s signature committing you to fulfill your obligations to the one you borrow from on time; you can also be hired without credit companies having any information about your earnings – forget about employer certifications and similar actions you need to take and the paperwork you need to collect when looking for a loan at a bank or even a credit card company.

Safe home loans doubled

  • Banks signed nearly $ 564 billion in housing loans over eight months, a 36 percent year-over-year increase.
  • The increase was more than double for safer mortgages for 1-5 years and for 5-10 years.

Low-risk mortgage loans with a fixed repayment term of at least 10 years achieved a 28 percent increase.

mortgage loan

The housing loan market is developing favorably. On the one hand, the expansion continues and more and more people are turning to secure constructions, according to Banka’s official central bank and personal data processing compilation. In the first eight months of the year, banks concluded home loan agreements worth nearly USD 564 billion. This represents a 36 percent year-on-year increase. Ana Malding, an expert at Banka , said that the growth of household income and the strong demand in the housing market also contributed to the expansion. He added that, according to the latest market data, home borrowers are increasingly looking for security , that is, they are looking for multi-year fixed repayment schemes rather than floating rate loans, where the installment can change within a short time, even within 3-6 months.

Variable-rate mortgages dropped by more than 30 percent.

Variable-rate mortgages dropped by more than 30 percent.

In the first eight months of the year, the amount of floating rate mortgage contracts decreased by 34 percent to USD 110 billion. At the same time, fixed-rate home loans for 1-5 years and 5-10 years showed nearly double growth , with 86% for the former and 93% for the latter.

The amount of home loans, which are considered the safest and have a fixed installment for more than 10 years, increased by 28 per cent to nearly USD 35 billion. Ana Malding said Banka’s customers are increasingly looking for fixed-term repayment plans, as they are predictable .

There is a lower interest rate, you just have to find it

Banka’s expert pointed out that due to the growth of the mortgage market, competition between banks is increasing . And for home borrowers, it’s a good idea to carefully review your offers, as they can be very different . As an example, Ana Malding said that in August the average market interest rate on fixed-term mortgages for at least one year was 5.15 percent. By contrast, the cheapest 5 or 10 year fixed mortgage loans are available with a full APR of less than 4 percent , which could mean millions in total repayments to the bank. According to the expert, therefore, it is necessary to look not only at the offers of the account holding bank but also at the constructions of other banks . The best home loans can now be compared to the Internet in minutes , saving you millions .


Good Finance Insurance

Good Finance. Oslo, a Norwegian non-life insurance company organized as a mutual company owned by its customers. Good Credit is the country’s largest in its field with offers for private, agricultural, business and organizational customers. It has over 180 offices across the country, including fire stations, and is organized into five regions (East, Inland, South, West Norway, North).

Total assets approx. 28 billion USD. with over 2000 employees


History. Good Credit has its roots in local fire insurance companies (firefighters) in the villages, the first being Land Good Credit Fire Box (1816). In 1922, Samtrygd, the Norwegian Good Financesforening was formed as a reinsurance company for 260 firefighters. Samtrygd got a license in 1958 to sell insurance in all claims industries, including through a collaboration with the Norwegian Bond Association, and was joined in 1974 with the Norwegian Auto Insurance Good Credit (NBG), which cooperated with the Norwegian Automobile Association. 1974 also started a collaboration with the life insurance company Good Credit, founded in 1847 under the name Christiania ordinary Good Credit Forsforselsesanstalt as the first Nordic life insurance company in the modern sense.

Which cooperated under the name Good Finance


The Good Credit name and the watchman as the logo were used in 1976 by both companies, which cooperated under the name Good Finance and in 1985 gained joint management.

In 1987, Good Credit took over the financing company Elcon and the 1992 United Group in Trondheim. ran life and pension insurance. In 1993, banking was also started after taking over Inter Nordisk Bank (founded in 1986).

Financial and savings insurance part of Good Credit


The financial group Good Credit NOR was established in 1999 by coordinating the operations of Good Credit and Sparebanken NOR, Norway’s largest savings bank formed in 1990.

The savings bank, financial and savings insurance part of Good Credit NOR was transformed into joint stock companies in 2002 and merged into Good Credit NOR ASA, which was listed and merged in 2003. with the Norwegian Bank (DnB) to DnB NOR. The non-life insurance section Good Credit NOR ForsiUSDing continued as an independent, mutual company, which in 2005 changed its name to Good Finance.

Finding a Personal Debt Consolidation Loan on the Internet

The introduction

The introduction

Debt management is a challenging and sometimes daunting task for many people. Like many people around the world, you may be struggling with ever-increasing debt. You may feel that your debt has gotten out of control. You may need solutions through which you can restore some order to your finances. One option that you may want to consider is a personal debt consolidation loan.

Through this article you will be provided with an overview of how you can go about finding a personal debt consolidation loan lender on the Internet and the World Wide Web. With this information, you will be in a better position to find a reliable and reputable personal consolidation loan lender online.

Directory Services

Directory Services

As you begin your search for a personal debt consolidation loan lender online, you will want to take the time to visit one of another of the directory services loan money despite rki being in operation today on the internet and the World Wide Web. What you want to be looking for are the independently run web-based directory services.

There are some personal debt consolidation loan lenders who have created faux Directory services on the web that are designed to pull business for their own operations. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for these fake front websites that really aren’t really independent directories.

Through an independent directory service, you will be able to get some basic information about various personal debt consolidation loan lenders. In some cases, these directory services will layout the products and services and personal debt consolidation loan options offered by various lenders in side by side fashion. These side by side comparisons provide you with a convenient and effective method through which you can really take a closer look at your various personal debt consolidation loan options.

Taking the time to shop around

Taking the time to shop around

When you do take advantage of these directory services, you can then begin more in-depth the process of shopping around. In other words, you need to go to the various websites run by personal debt consolidation loan lenders online. By visiting these websites, you can more closely examine the various personal debt consolidation loan options that are now available in the market today. You can identify these personal debt consolidation loan options that will really suit your needs.

You need to keep in mind that you need to go through it in small detail regarding interest rates, costs, fees and other fees associated with a personal debt consolidation loan.

Finally, when you do identify a lender who is reputable and a personal consolidation loan option that actually fits and meets your needs, you are able to apply for a personal debt consolidation loan online in most cases. Applying for a personal debt consolidation loan online is not only convenient, but you can often achieve very fast loan approval (and even save some money in loan application costs) by applying for a personal debt consolidation loan online.

About some different loan types and loan terms – Loan Finance and Money

The vast majority of people who are going to buy new housing will have to borrow money. A so-called start-up loan is a loan scheme for anyone who wants to enter the housing market. There are several suitable for getting a startup loan, and some of the most common people who get this are:

– Child families
– Economically disadvantaged families
– Single parents
– People with disabilities etc.

It is the municipality that mainly deals with a start-up loan


They are processing and rummaging with applications for this.

Businesses also have to borrow money of course. Corporate loans are usually not a problem to obtain. Talk to your local bank and get a quote. New companies can try to get support from innovation Norway. It’s perfect for new entrepreneurs.

Application for loan

Application for loan

How much money you can borrow depends on eg. what your existing home is worth and how much loan you have from before. Furthermore, it plays a big role what kind of income you have, because it immediately tells you how much loan you can earn.

Both in the short and long term. If you can provide collateral or get a guarantor on a loan application, the possibilities are generally better than usual. Your financial history also plays a major role, if you have had a loan before. Processing time is usually a few days, but it will be faster if you submit all information and all necessary documentation online.

Loan terms


The loan amount and interest rates are absolutely crucial for you to borrow. You should never just accept the first offer you are served, but compare several offers and see if there are ways in which the loan interest rate can be reduced.

For example, if To have a mortgage that provides collateral with up to 85 percent of market value, be sure to find out the market value of your home, or use the purchase price as a starting point. Interest, installment amounts and repayment terms are tailored to your own needs and opportunities.

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