The vast majority of people who are going to buy new housing will have to borrow money. A so-called start-up loan is a loan scheme for anyone who wants to enter the housing market. There are several suitable for getting a startup loan, and some of the most common people who get this are:

– Child families
– Economically disadvantaged families
– Single parents
– People with disabilities etc.

It is the municipality that mainly deals with a start-up loan


They are processing and rummaging with applications for this.

Businesses also have to borrow money of course. Corporate loans are usually not a problem to obtain. Talk to your local bank and get a quote. New companies can try to get support from innovation Norway. It’s perfect for new entrepreneurs.

Application for loan

Application for loan

How much money you can borrow depends on eg. what your existing home is worth and how much loan you have from before. Furthermore, it plays a big role what kind of income you have, because it immediately tells you how much loan you can earn.

Both in the short and long term. If you can provide collateral or get a guarantor on a loan application, the possibilities are generally better than usual. Your financial history also plays a major role, if you have had a loan before. Processing time is usually a few days, but it will be faster if you submit all information and all necessary documentation online.

Loan terms


The loan amount and interest rates are absolutely crucial for you to borrow. You should never just accept the first offer you are served, but compare several offers and see if there are ways in which the loan interest rate can be reduced.

For example, if To have a mortgage that provides collateral with up to 85 percent of market value, be sure to find out the market value of your home, or use the purchase price as a starting point. Interest, installment amounts and repayment terms are tailored to your own needs and opportunities.