Good Finance. Oslo, a Norwegian non-life insurance company organized as a mutual company owned by its customers. Good Credit is the country’s largest in its field with offers for private, agricultural, business and organizational customers. It has over 180 offices across the country, including fire stations, and is organized into five regions (East, Inland, South, West Norway, North).

Total assets approx. 28 billion USD. with over 2000 employees


History. Good Credit has its roots in local fire insurance companies (firefighters) in the villages, the first being Land Good Credit Fire Box (1816). In 1922, Samtrygd, the Norwegian Good Financesforening was formed as a reinsurance company for 260 firefighters. Samtrygd got a license in 1958 to sell insurance in all claims industries, including through a collaboration with the Norwegian Bond Association, and was joined in 1974 with the Norwegian Auto Insurance Good Credit (NBG), which cooperated with the Norwegian Automobile Association. 1974 also started a collaboration with the life insurance company Good Credit, founded in 1847 under the name Christiania ordinary Good Credit Forsforselsesanstalt as the first Nordic life insurance company in the modern sense.

Which cooperated under the name Good Finance


The Good Credit name and the watchman as the logo were used in 1976 by both companies, which cooperated under the name Good Finance and in 1985 gained joint management.

In 1987, Good Credit took over the financing company Elcon and the 1992 United Group in Trondheim. ran life and pension insurance. In 1993, banking was also started after taking over Inter Nordisk Bank (founded in 1986).

Financial and savings insurance part of Good Credit


The financial group Good Credit NOR was established in 1999 by coordinating the operations of Good Credit and Sparebanken NOR, Norway’s largest savings bank formed in 1990.

The savings bank, financial and savings insurance part of Good Credit NOR was transformed into joint stock companies in 2002 and merged into Good Credit NOR ASA, which was listed and merged in 2003. with the Norwegian Bank (DnB) to DnB NOR. The non-life insurance section Good Credit NOR ForsiUSDing continued as an independent, mutual company, which in 2005 changed its name to Good Finance.